In this mystifying world of ours, to live in health and harmony within our body's is a balancing act we strive to maintain against all possible triggers which can cause our systems to skew. 

Imbalance is identifiable by the dissonance of who we are in the moment, and who we want to be, or what we are experiencing and what we want to be experiencing or, more precisely, how we feel and, how we want to feel.

This discord serves us by allowing us to recognize what we want and don't want.  It is an indication of our alignment or resistance to who we really are and want to be.  Moment by moment.  

Dis-ease in the body is made manifest due to misalignment in thinking, action and experience to that which we really desire.

Understanding the cause of these altered synergistic relationships, the precurse environment, and the sanest, naturalist, deepest process to move back to health, balance  and joy, is my quest. is an informative, supportive rehabilitative platform for people with chronic dis-ease and/or injuries.  Providing therapies to alleviate pain and discomfort in mind and body with exercises, recipes and injoyable practises to stretch our self worth muscles as well as soul food for your required connection with your healing process and to encourage wellness.

Provided by yours truly Chloe Midalia

Clinical Exercise Physiologist and Truth Seeker


My Story

My passion is experiencing joy and balance in life.  I also love the many ways others experience this too.  I believe that if we all had joy and balance in our lives, the planet would be in a better condition.  I've always been interested in the how's and why's, in psychology, biology, physiology and anatomy.  I studied exercise and sport science at uni and went on to do my masters in clinical exercise physiology, focusing on chronic disease management.  I love this work.  I love seeing the positive makeover people make to realign their lives through the urgency their bodies create.  I love helping people to create positive lifestyle change and hearing them express their joy about the many benefits.  This is my gift of work.